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Jackson Hole Trust Company provides a full range of trust services to U.S. and international families. For decades, its owners and executive team have served as trustees and as directors, officers and managers of foreign and domestic corporations and limited liability companies, and managed real estate, businesses and other investments. Jackson Hole Trust Company thoroughly understands the needs of its clients and serves them with integrity, professionalism and confidentiality. Jackson Hole Trust Company develops strong, personal relationships with clients, enabling them to delegate, with complete assurance, the highest levels of responsibility. More Information >

Wyoming Trust Services

Jackson Hole Trust Company pledges that the wishes of the founders of the trust will be faithfully executed in all respects. More Information >

Wyoming consistently ranks among the most preferred states in the nation in which to form, migrate, or resettle a trust. Find out why.

Wyoming is a better trust situs than offshore. Find out why.

What is FATCA and how can a Wyoming trust help ease the burden? Learn more.

What Is The Common Reporting Standard (CRS)? Learn more.

Benefits of a Wyoming Domestic Asset Protection Trust. Learn more.

Dynasty Trusts are better in Wyoming. Find out why.

Dear Trust & Estate Practitioners,

Welcome! If you are considering Wyoming as trust situs for your client and have not yet drafted a Wyoming trust, we will provide you with a seamless transition to Jackson Hole Trust Company. We will supply drafting language and a complementary consultation with an experienced Wyoming trust attorney. In addition, for existing trusts that qualify, Jackson Hole Trust Company will cover the fees for relocating the trust to Wyoming. You will find Jackson Hole Trust Company’s trust service fees very competitive. We will gladly prepare an analysis of your client’s tax, trustee and investment advisory fee savings.

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